Matched Metal Tools

2D & 3D Matched Metal Tools

Mathias Die Company’s industry leading tooling solutions includes 2D & 3D Matched Metal Tools. From simple shapes to more sophisticated designs, our team of Engineers, Designers, and Tool Makers are ready to help with your demanding applications.

We also provide tool sharpening and repair services for tools built by Mathias Die as well as other tool makers. Proper tool sharpening and maintenance is critical for maximizing the life and performance of your Matched Metal Tools.

We are committed to producing high performance tooling and providing unmatched quality and service.

Matched Metal Tools we produce:

  • Compound Dies
  • Pierce and Blank Dies
  • Combination Technology Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Card Punch Dies
  • 3D Pierce and Blank Dies
  • 3D Trim Dies
  • 3D Forming Dies
  • Fine Blanking Dies

Services Include:

  • Die Sharpening
  • Die Repair
  • Product Development Engineering
  • Design and Prototyping