D’Slugger 3 Machine

With more than 50 years of providing solutions for die-cutting, stamping and die cut scrap removal, Mathias Die Company proudly introduces our newest MDC D’slugger 3 scrap removal system. The MDC D’Slugger units have been used by die cutting facilities for over 20 years improving efficiencies in the die cut scrap removal process. The D’Slugger 3 is a more robust, vastly improved, D’Slugger machine that will help you take your scrap removal operation to new heights. The D’Slugger 3 provides a much easier set-up and more consistent operation, greatly improving its abilities and efficiencies over previous D’Slugger models.

Manual scrap removal processes have a large effect on the efficiencies and margins of the products you produce. Manual scrap removal can increase your labor costs and extend project deadlines with delays in getting product shipped to your customers. Employee ergonomic issues are also associated with the prolonged repetitive motions of manual scrap removal.

The D’Slugger 3 system will help you improve your production throughput allowing you to more quickly ship products to your customers resulting in improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

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  • Robust design providing improved, consistent, operation
  • Quick, easy, set-up process. Set up in under 5 minutes
  • New design offers improved efficiencies and can be utilized for more applications than previous models
  • Designed to run Mathias Die custom D’Slugger Tools engineered for each application
  • Utilize your existing D’Slugger Tools
  • Full pneumatic design with minimal maintenance required
  • Heavy duty/lockable casters for work-cell to work-cell portability
    Made in the USA!


  • 100% pneumatic, no electrical power needed
  • 2 Tons @ 100 PSI
  • Two hand anti-tie down actuation
  • 2 post guided ram and platen for precision parallelism
  • Maximum part size is 20 x 30
  • Footprint 36″x32″x78″