What Our Clients Say

  • “We send all of our difficult projects to Mathias because of their consistently high quality standards. This includes kiss cutting to the liner, domed labels, dies for our Preco die cutter, tight dimensional tolerance jobs and any work which requires technical or process support, which we look to Mathias for.”

    -Mike Humber, Operations Manager, JNWD

  • “The D’Slugger has significantly improved our capacity to complete the medium and large volume jobs with a much faster turn cycle. We are no longer scrambling to find individuals to remove slugs from die cut parts by hand. Jobs are now planned with the D’Slugger in mind. A very progressive technology that has brought to light the efforts and dollars required to staff for hand weeding parts.”

    -Mike Baskfield, General Label Company, Minneapolis MN

  • “The D’Slugger machine coupled with well engineered weeding tools allows us to strip overlays 5-10 times faster than by hand.We have fewer damaged parts, which translate to better yields and improved delivery times. I’m sold on the D’Slugger, we will definitely install additional D’Slugger’s as our business continues to grow. Thank you Mathias Die!”

    -Bob Harrison, President, Harrison SPI San Diego CA

  • “Tom your staff at Mathias Dies is impressive. From taking part in concept to producing results they meet the challenge each and every time. In fact the ideas brought forth by your tech staff were in fact, if not well thought, were brought about by pure experience and knowledge. I personally appreciate the commitment of your team at MDC”

    -Noah Palm, VP of Production, Palm Industries